Civil Litigation

Defend Yourself Against A Lawsuit

Most of the time, parties to a conflict can resolve their dispute on their own. But if your disagreement has high enough stakes, you may need experienced advice and advocacy from an attorney, or risk serious financial losses. The litigators at Foremost Law, has more than 20 years of experience providing civil defense representation for businesses and individuals in Fountain Valley, California.

Civil litigation can arise out of nearly any kind of dispute, including:

Our attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout the Fountain Valley area against lawsuits. You have legal rights, and we will make sure you do not accidentally lose or give up any of those rights. During the discovery phase, we will carefully examine the evidence that will help us construct a powerful case to defeat the plaintiff's claims against you.

Alternatives To Trial

Few civil lawsuits end in a trial verdict. Instead, most cases settle out of court, which is why you need a lawyer who is a skilled negotiator, as well as a talented litigator. That is the kind of legal representation you will find at Foremost Law. We work with the other party's lawyers to reach a fair settlement, often saving you time and money over going to trial.

Alternative dispute resolution strategies like mediation may be another option. We know how to guide you through mediation to reach a good result.

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