Foreclosure Defense

Take Action If You Are Facing The Loss Of Your House

Being served with a notice of foreclosure would be frightening for any homeowner. Losing your Fountain Valley home could result in you having no place to live, and put you in a deep financial hole. If your California home is in foreclosure, or you expect it will be soon, contact Foremost Law. Our attorneys provide foreclosure defense representation that helps you get out from under home foreclosure.

Foreclosure Prevention May Save Your Home

If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, the most important thing for you to know is that you may still have options. For instance, it may be possible to modify your mortgage and save your home. In other cases, the best option is to sell the home via "short sale," which is a sale of the home for less than the balance of the mortgage. Many times, lenders will accept a short sale instead of having to take ownership of the property themselves.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Homeowners have rights, even when the lender accuses them of falling behind on their mortgage. Some lenders fail to respect those rights. For example, they may make mistakes when serving notice of foreclosure, or in filling out the necessary documents. We will use any procedural errors we discover as leverage in negotiations. We may even be able to get the foreclosure dismissed.

Being sued for foreclosure does not mean you have to give up. Your attorney from Foremost Law, will work with you to help you reach the best result possible, whether that means keeping your home or moving on with the minimum of financial impact.

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