Real Estate Law

Make Sure Your Real Estate Transaction Gets Done Right

No matter how big or small a real estate transaction in Fountain Valley or elsewhere in California might be, both the buyer and the seller need an attorney to help. The attorneys at Foremost Law, can provide you honest advice through your real estate transactions, and represent you if you ever involved in real estate litigation.

What A Real Estate Lawyer Does

Under California's real estate laws, the sale or lease of residential and commercial property is governed by contracts and other documents. As with other business contracts, there is always the potential for a misunderstanding to turn into a dispute between the parties. To prevent this, our attorneys will carefully draft your purchase agreement, lease or other important documents.

We will also assist at closing, to ensure that the transaction is complete and final. As a buyer, this will allow you to enjoy your new property knowing that you have full title over it; as a seller, our representation will help assure you that no problems with the buyer will arise in the future. Sometimes, last-minute conflicts can occur at closing. You will want to have an attorney there to represent you, or risk losing money or your legal rights.

And if a real estate dispute ends up in court, our skilled litigators will fight for your property rights and work toward a fair result.

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